50+ Black Friday Cyber Monday Statistics to Know in 2021

I tried to collect Black Friday Statistics so that I can show you how much big is this event. This is the day when Americans spend maximum money on buying staffs online & off line. With time, now Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale is even popular in many countries.

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black friday cyber monday traffic report
black friday cyber monday traffic report

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Anyway, let’s proceed further and try to explore some of the amazing Black Friday Cyber Monday statistics that will blow your mind as a buyer or seller in 2021.

What is Black Friday and why is it called Black Friday?

Black Friday is an informal terminology used to describe the day for Thanksgiving in the United States and other countries. However, some states regard Black Friday as the day for the state government’s workers instead of Columbus Day.

The United States popular name “Black Friday” emerged just after World War II, although it was not so popular outside Philadelphia until around 1975. 

Many events in the United States and other countries have been described as “Black Friday,” but the one that we are going to discuss in this article is the most popular event.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the Black Friday weekend. Moreover, while describing about Black Friday, we will also give some essential statistical data about the mega event so that readers can understand the main importance of Black Friday weekend.  

General Information Related to Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 

The majority of Americans see Black Friday as the official beginning of the Christmas holiday season. A time when many people go for gifts shopping to give their family and friends. 

During Black Friday, many online stores also achieve big sales, and it is also very common to see long queues of people waiting outside stores, shops, and malls to get the best deals. As a result, stores usually open early in the morning sometimes as early as 4 am or 5 am.

Essential Statistical Data on Black Friday 

As per the National Retail Federation, 84.2 million people shopped in stores on Black Friday in 2019, while only 37.8 million people shopped in stores on Thanksgiving Day. However, the year before saw a 4% decline in Black Friday sales.

In 2018, 165.8 million people went to stores and had shopped online over the four-day Black Friday weekend, while the number is much higher in the year after which is close to 189.6 million as Black Friday’s popularity is increasing every year. 

In total, 93.2 million People shopped online on Black Friday in 2019, compared to the 65.2 million that did in 2018. According to our research result, we found that most offline spending occurs on Saturday and Sunday of the Black Friday week, although Friday is the main day of this mega event.

Only 26% of adults plan to spend $500 or more during Black Friday, and on the other hand, only 15% of adults over 60 years old plan to spend at least $500, compared to 43% of adults between 30 to 44 years of age. It is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season. 

Many retailers like Amazon and Flipkart offer deals earlier and earlier, upstaging Black Friday itself. The competition this year is so fierce that stores are innovating new ways to increase their business. 

Extensive research has revealed that most deals for electronics are offered at the end of December, mostly on December 22, with an average discount of 27%.

During Black Friday, there have been reports of violence occurring as well between shoppers due to massive sales. Since 2006, there have been more than ten reported deaths and an estimated 117 injuries throughout the United States.

In the 21st century, there have been several attempts by retailers with origins in the United States to introduce retail “Black Friday” to other countries around the world. In several other countries, local retailers try to promote Black Friday in order to compete with US-based online retailers.

Expected spending in the United Kingdom during Black Friday from the year 2016 to 2019

black friday cyber monday statistics
black friday cyber monday statistics [Source Link]

The graph mentioned above highlights the spending predictions throughout the Black Friday weekend, i.e., from Friday to Monday in the United Kingdom from 2016 to 2019, broken down by online and offline spending. 

In 2019 consumers had spent a total of 8.57 billion British pounds throughout the Black Friday weekend, out of which 3.77 billion were spent online. 

Some general points related to Black Friday Sale

In this section of this article, we will enlist some of Black Friday’s previous year’s essential aspects in order to help readers estimate the Black Friday statistics of the current year.  

  • In previous years, online shopping sales hit close to $7.4 billion during Black Friday weekend, which is an all-time high.
  • The average savings on Black Friday is 37%.
  • About 50.4% of women are Black Friday shoppers.
  • The three weeks before Black Friday sees a rapid increase in shopping app downloads. 
  • Black Friday sales grow every year by 11% to 14%
  • $2.9 billion worth of Black Friday sales occur through mobile phones.
  • Every year 30% of all retail sales occurs from Black Friday till Christmas.
  • The average adult nearly spends $400 on Black Friday sales.

Black Friday Sales stats on Mobile VS Desktop

According to Adobe Analytics, people who use desktop computers for Black Friday purchased items that were one-third times more expensive than mobile shoppers. This indicates that people are willing to buy more expensive products through desktops rather than mobile devices. 

On the contrary, in 2019, Shopify made approx $900 million in total Black Friday sales, out of which 69% of the purchases were made through mobile devices, and the remaining 31%, were made through desktops.

Total Percentage of Consumers who have decided to purchase on Black Friday in the past few years

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Retail Stats
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Retail Stats [Source Link]

As per the pie chart mentioned above, 26% of consumers have decided to purchase during Black Friday in 2019. On the other hand, in 2018, 21% of consumers have decided to buy on Black Friday weekend, while in 2017, the percentage falls to only 19%.

So, the above-mentioned pie chart clearly proves that every year the popularity of Black Friday is steeply increasing among the consumers. 

FAQs Related To Black Friday Stats

Why do they call it Black Friday?

Because accountants use black to signify profit when recording each day’s book entries (and red to indicate a loss), the day became known as Black Friday—or the day when retailers see positive earnings and profits “in the black.”

What is special about Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It’s a 24-hour online shopping event that was originally created by businesses to encourage people to do their shopping online and is now often regarded as an extension of the Black Friday sales.

How old is its Black Friday?

The earliest known use of “Black Friday” to refer to the day after Thanksgiving occurred in the journal, Factory Management and Maintenance, for November 1951, and again in 1952. 

Black Friday Cyber Monday Stats
Black Friday Cyber Monday Stats


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about Black Friday week. Moreover, we have also included various graphs and pie charts which clearly prove that Black Friday is becoming more and more popular with each passing year among the consumers.

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