7 Black Friday Shopping Tips For Bloggers To GRAB The Best Deal

Who doesn’t know about Black Friday Sale? Even though it started back in United States, but in last few years Black Friday has become one of a kind of global event. Yes, even if you search with Black Friday Sale in India you will find plenty of popular companies offering their best deals during that period.

In this article, I am going to sharing some useful Black Friday Shopping Tips specially for Bloggers & Internet marketers so that you can plan properly and invest for your blogging career by purchasing some useful items at cheapest price. Before that you can also read these amazing Black Friday Cyber Monday Stats that will blow your mind.

7 Best Black Friday Shopping Tips For Bloggers To GRAB The Best Deal in 2021

As a blogger, we need a lot of products to run a successful blog. E.g. web hosting plan, WordPress themes, Plugins, SEO Tool and few other gadgets as well. In case you also have a YouTube channel, then you may need a good camera, mic, tripod etc. I have collected the best Black Friday Deals for YouTubers where you can go for those products.

Anyway, whatever is your planning make sure you follow these 7 Black Friday Shopping Tips so that you can make the most out of the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021.

1. Don’t Buy As Others Are Buying

Well, as Black Friday Sales are going on it is not mandatory that you have to buy anything. Every year I found people are buying cheap WordPress hosting plans, themes & software during Black Friday Sale as they were available at the cheapest price. But why to buy anything which is not at all required for you? So if you have a plan to grow your blog network or you are planning to start your first blog then only buy products that you are going to use. Don’t waste your money for unnecessary things even of they are selling as best price.

2. Buy Only Premium Products

Yes, you must utilize this Black Friday sale to grab good quality products with great deal. E.g. every year many web hosting companies offer huge discounts during Black Friday Sale. During the year, you may not plan to buy any of them as they were costly, so it is good to buy such products during Black Friday Sale. This logic is applicable on any product like a good camera, good WordPress themes, SEO tools etc.

3. Buy Hosting For Maximum Duration

In the last point I have mentioned about web hosting black Friday deals. Yes, for every blogger Black Friday Sale is very special as they can buy a good hosting company with very good pricing. Now if you use that discount to buy hosting for 1 year, then after 1 year you have to pay the actual price and you can’t renew hosting with discounted price. So, I always suggest bloggers to buy hosting during Black Friday Sale at least for 3 years. And as you are buying hosting from quality companies, you don’t have to worry about the performance. Grab the opportunity and make sure to focus on writing good content on your blog for next 3-4 years without worrying about web hosting renewal.

4. Buy Tools & Plugins During This Time

Besides hosting, you must buy premium plugins, SEO Tools as they are also offering very good discount. Specially I bought few themes & plugins during Black Friday sale to get discount on their renewals as well. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, if you buy something in Black Friday period, and next year when the renewal period will come it will also fall during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale and that’s where you can also get renewal discount. I bought GeneratePress & WP Rocket Plugin during that time and using this Black Friday Shopping Trick I save on their renewal as well.

5. Don’t Miss The Lifetime Deals

So many Saas products are making our life easy. But these products are very costly in case you don’t avail their lifetime deals. I have curated a detailed guide on AppSumo Lifetime Deals where you will find monthly life time deals from many amazing Saas tools, Business software. But during Black Friday Sale, you can expect some surprise offers from such products. And for that also you can keep a track of my AppSumo Black Friday Sale roundup article where I am going to update those products. So, make sure not miss those lifetime deals as they may not come back and you will lose the opportunity to save huge on your online business investment,

6. Keep An Eye On Cyber Monday Sale

Although most companies provide maximum discount on the Black Friday event date, but these deals continue till Cyber Monday or even beyond that. But that is not guaranteed for all companies. In case of Web Hosting or Blogging related products you will find the offers are getting extended beyond Cyber Monday as well. I have curated another massive list of Cyber Monday WordPress Deals for Bloggers. Keep a track of that page for more amazing discounts during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021.

7. Plan Your List In Advance & Be Ready

This point is linked with the 1st point where I have mentioned that you must prepare a plan. Yes, create a plan and accordingly list out the plugins, themes or web hosting plans or any gadget you are planning to buy during upcoming Black Friday Sale. In many cases you may need a credit card or a PayPal account. So be ready with that as well, otherwise at the last moment you may waste your time in finding them and you will end up losing those deals for the year.

FAQs Related To Black Friday Sale 2021

Is it worth shopping on Black Friday?

Yea, it is worth if you track all the upcoming Black Friday Sales properly. It is not necessary that every one will offer the best deal. Many companies also try to utilize the hype and offer discounts that they might have offered earlier also.

How can I get the most out of Black Friday?

If you are clear about what exactly you want to buy then only you will be able to make the smart move during Black Friday Sale. So make a plan first and then list out the products that you are planning to buy in advance.

Is there gonna be a Black Friday 2021?

Yes, it is expected that Black Friday 2021 is going to start from 27th November. As this event is happening every year, so it will definitely happening 2021 as well.

That’s It: Are Your Ready For Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021?

black friday shopping tips
black friday shopping tips for bloggers in 2021

So, are you ready for the upcoming Black Friday Sale 2021? What exactly you are planning to purchase during that time? Feel free to write a comment below and share your thoughts. And also let me know whether you liked these Black Friday Shopping Tips for bloggers in 2021.

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