How To Find Blog Post Ideas (With Keyword Research Guide)

This is the 7th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how to find fresh new content ideas daily so that you can make money from your blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained how to setup a complete blog on WordPress.

What to write today? From where to find out fresh content ideas for my blog? Should I copy the content from other websites? Well, this is the beginning your actual blogging journey and this process will test your blogging skills.

See, blogging doesn’t mean that you will pile up a lot of content from here and there to load your website. Anyone can do that, right. And that’s what you have to understand first. Whatever is easily available or obvious doesn’t work in Blogging.

That means, you have to know how to find new blog topics and then you need to write good content that is useful for readers. Not only that, there might be similar content already published on other blogs, then someone will read yours? We will discuss that part in our next chapter. Now let’s focus on How to come up with great ideas for blog posts, every single time.

How To Research Topics for Your Blog’s Content Plan

Well, I think you still have a list of blogs that you have found during our niche selection
. As you have finalized your niche and set up your blog, it’s time to research on
those websites as they are related to your niche and find out new blog post ideas from

The best way to find a blog topic is by doing competitor research.

But now, our intention is to find out topics where a good number of people are searching
for the query however, the keyword difficulty is low. So that we can create an article
targeting that keyword that can easily rank on Google.

Understand Keyword, As Per Your Blog Monetization Technique

As our main target is to create a blog that will generate revenue in the future, you
have to do keyword research smartly. Here I am considering, mostly you will make
money through Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense.

  • Affiliate Marketing: For that, you have to find out profitable keywords with buyer intent. Watch this video to understand what are buyer intent keywords.
  • Google AdSense: In that case, you have to find out keywords with High CPC value, and low competition so that you can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Personally, I prefer Affiliate Marketing. Below are some articles with strong buyer intent on my blog. You can read these articles and understand how exactly I wrote those topics.

Now, these articles have the potential to generate income. As I have recommended
products with my affiliate links, I will earn some commission whenever someone buys
from that article.

Find Topics from Your Competitors’ Blogs

I am sure, I am able to explain the concept of choosing the right keywords. Now let us use an SEO Tool to do some hands-on. There are 4 important things that you need to
consider while doing keyword research:

  • Monthly Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Competition
  • The Profitability of the Keyword
  • Keyword Difficulty to Rank

If you want to do keyword research with 100% freedom, Sign up for the SEMrush Free
trial. This is the best keyword research tool. I have shared a detailed guide on keyword
research using SEMrush.

Just open the SEMrush tool and put your competitor website. You will find all the
keywords that the website is ranking for. You can also find the competition level for each

But as a beginner don’t stress too much with so much data and calculation. Just analyze
the keywords and find out some topics which are good for you to write on. Avoid highly
competitive terms that are already targeted by many authority blogs.

Use Question Answer Websites

Nowadays people are mostly searching for questions to find the right solutions.
So, it is better to find out such questions and write detailed articles on them as most of
they are low competition keywords. is a good website from where you will find the questions people are searching for and are worth targeting.

Use to Find Blog Topics

You can also visit and search for your blog related topics and find out what
people are searching for or asking on that platform.

Check out the various questions people are asking currently on the topic ‘food blog India’.
find topics on Quora This is one of the best ways to find out the most demanding or most searched topics by people. You can further analyze those topics to find competition and traffic potential.

Use Google Auto Suggestions

This one is my favorite. Just type a few words on Google and you will find many keyword
suggestions. You can type the main keyword and it will automatically show you all the long tail versions of that keyword. Just check the image below.

So, that’s an overview of keyword research and find a topic to write your next blog post.
For more topic ideas read 35+ Blog Post Ideas To Get More Traffic To Your Blog in 2020.

Keyword research is a vast topic. Just practice more and you will learn more tricks
gradually. If you have some budget, then try SEMrush or Ahrefs, as they are simply

Ask Your Audience / Use Others’ Audience

Well, initially you may not have any audience and we will talk about audience building in upcoming chapters. But still I want to include this topic here as if you have an audience in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Telegram then you can ask your audience to suggest some topics.

In fact you can utilize others audience as well. E.g. if you have joined some YouTube channel or Facebook Group related to your blog niche, you can easily find various questions people are asking by writing a comment or posting questions. You can consider those questions and then research further. This way I decide many topics for my blogs.

That’s It : Let’s Move To Next Chapter

I have shared enough ways to find plenty of new topics for your blog. If you do these activities regularly then you will gradually become more smarter and you can easily decide on new blog topics that you need to write. After finalizing the content ideas, make sure you note them somewhere and then start planning to write articles on them one by one. So let’s go to next chapter and learn how to write content that can rank in Google.

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