How To Get Traffic To Your New Blog (New Promotional Techniques)

This is the 9th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how to get traffic to your new blog so that you can make money from your blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained how to write a SEO-friendly Blog post.

Getting traffic to your new blog is the biggest challenge for every new blogger. Traffic means real people who will read your articles. More people will come to your blog, means more people will either click your ads or buy products using your affiliate links. But how to get traffic when your blog is brand new? Let’s find out.

In my early days of blogging, I simply used to write articles and forget about that. Due to
less competition, I used to rank and easily get organic traffic from search engines. But
that is an old story. In 2021, if you want to get traffic to your blog, you have to work hard and apply multiple strategies to get readers to your blog.

In today’s chapter, I am going to share some key tasks to do after publishing your blog post so that you can get some visitors to your website.

Effective Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your New Blog

Don’t worry, I will help you to start promoting your content without doing any kind of
spamming and gradually your website will get referral traffic. And if you follow this for a few weeks, then your article will also rank well on Google and you can expect some organic traffic as well.

But for that, you must target low competition keywords, that I have already discussed in the previous chapter. Anyway, let us focus on the methods to bring traffic to your new blog after publishing a blog post.

Blog Commenting on Similar Niche Blog

Find out the list of blog commenting sites in your category.

E.g. my blog is all about sharing blogging tips, WordPress tutorials, and web hosting guides. So, first I find out such blogs in my category who share similar articles. After that, I
just need to visit those websites one by one and try to find out relevant articles or the latest articles or high traffic articles and write good quality comments.

While commenting, make sure to mention your website along with your name and email address. This way, if other people find your comments useful will also visit your website.

blog commenting benefits

Write Answers on

Quora is one of the most popular Question answer websites. You cannot imagine how
much traffic you can get from Quora just by writing answers to questions! The process is very simple, you have to find out the questions related to your blog and then start answering them with helpful solutions.

Do not copy-paste from anywhere as Quora will monitor your content strictly. While answering the questions, mention 1 or 2 relevant articles of your website which will
perfectly go with the answer. Make sure not to overdo it as this may get your answer

In case your answer ranks on top, you will get a good number of targeted visitors to
your website. Here are some awesome Q&A sites to get massive referral traffic to your blog.

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Just Answers
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Linkedin Answers

Share in Facebook Groups

Facebook is still the most popular social media website where people spend hours every
day. There are many Facebook groups where people engage a lot to help each other. E.g. My Facebook Group is one of the top blogging Facebook groups where
many bloggers connect with each other.

Every Saturday, I run a blog promotion thread where people can share their articles. Out of them, I pick some good ones and share them with the entire Group occasionally.

facebook group promotion

This way your article will get good exposure and your website will get free traffic. So, join all such Facebook groups and share your articles as per their rules.

Mention/Tag Top Bloggers in Your Niche

This is another great way to connect with top bloggers and grow your blog. Whenever you publish a new blog post, make sure to link a relevant article of other websites and tag the blogger while sharing that article on Facebook or Twitter.

This way, you will get noticed by those bloggers and your article will be shared further by them. This way you will get very good exposure to new audiences and get more traffic.

In this screenshot you can see that Amit mentioned my blog while writing his blog post and then tag me (with Anil Agarwal) on Facebook to notify me. Then I have shared the article on my Facebook Group and many other social platforms. Anil Agarwal has also done the same thing. And this way his article get a very good amount of exposure and traffic.

Re-purpose Your Content

There are many websites where you can submit your article and get free traffic. Yes, even if you have published that article on your blog, you can easily submit the same article in different formats and post on different platforms.

E.g. You can share the same article on,, and get free traffic to your blog. You can also convert your post into a PDF document and submit it on websites like In the below screenshot, you can see that I have converted my blog post to pdf and then uploaded on Slideshare website.

Interview an influential blogger

Reputation is the most important in blogging. Giving an interview on someone’s blog or publishing a conversation on your blog will help you take your blog to the next level. So do not hesitate while you get an interview opportunity. I have published a few interviews on my blog. 

So, as a beginner you must look for influencers in your niche and ask them for text interviews in your blog. This way you will get a very good exposure of your blog as your interview will be shared on the social platform of that blogger. Check out this Featured page where all the interview of Santanu Debnath is listed and also shared in his Facebook Group with 30,000+ members.

Organize Roundup Posts

Another traditional yet efficient technique to promote your blog post. It’s a true collaboration. You and your blogging buddy are exchanging thoughts, strategies and numerous items. Essential checklist for a round-up post

  1. Pick the perfect topic.
  2. Choose your blogging friend wisely for round up.
  3. Approach them professionally
  4. Do not ask too much
  5. Let them know the benefits of round-ups

Please note: Make sure that your approach is professional enough. Please review their work before asking them for roundups. Use personalized messages. Just be direct and precise and share your thoughts. Here are a few examples of round-up posts published on this blog already.

That’s It : Let’s Go To Next Chapter

Getting organic traffic is on the process, you have to learn SEO and gradually apply them. But as a beginner, start creating your audience by following these promotions techniques. Try to follow the 80/20 rule. Means you must write 20% and promote 80%. And don’t
forget to capture your audience by following any of these methods.

  • Create an email list and offer some freebies [MailChimp is FREE]
  • Create a Facebook Group and engage with them

If you have an audience of your own, they will promote your blog every time you write some useful content. Gradually, you will see conversions and start making money.

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