How To Rank Higher On Google in 2021 (Your Ultimate Checklist)

This is the 12th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how rank your articles on top of Google so that you can make money from your blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained how to make backlinks for your new blog.

As a blogger, we all are running after the #1 spot on Google search for our keywords. But it is the toughest target to achieve specially as a beginner. So in this article I will be sharing everything about ranking an article from scratch to #1 spot on Google search.

How To Improve Your Google Rankings (Without Getting Penalized)

There are more than 200+ ranking factors that Google consider before they place any article on top of their search engine for any query. As a beginner, you must know all those ranking factors and understand how exactly t hey work. Getting the top rank is not a one day task as it takes a lot of efforts and implementation of SEO tactics as per the difficulty of the keyword.

As Google is an algorithm, people can also manipulate that algorithm and take advantage of that. But this kind of techniques may bring Google penalty in coming days. That’s why you need to learn the methods to rank your articles naturally with proper SEO tactics so that you can avoid Google penalty in future.

So, let’s explore the various methods to rank higher on Google search in 2021.

1. Write Content That Solves Problem

Why we write content on our blog? Why we want to rank on top of Google search? Just think about these questions. Well, as people uses the search engines to find out the solutions of the problem it is our first job to find out such queries that people are looking for. So, whenever you are writing a content around a keyword, make sure to list out all the questions or pain points that people are facing and searching online. Merge those questions on your content either as FAQs or People Also Ask section and answer them with the best solution. The more people will find your article solving their problems, the more people will share & engage with your content and that’s the signal Google need to rank your article on top of search engine.

2. Search Intent Is Important

This is a very crucial factor to rank in Google search in 2021. In simple terms, whatever a user is typing on Google, if your article servers that purpose will be considered as a relevant content as per the search intent. E.g. a user can search something to gain some knowledge or search something to buy a product online. And both search queries are different. As a beginner, you need to understand different types of keywords and their intent behind the searches and accordingly focus on that. If you mix everything in one article and make it lengthy, it will not server the purpose and both Google & user will not get anything from the content. That means, you will lose the opportunity to rank higher for those search queries. So, just target on a specific query and write a detailed guide to fulfill that search intent.

3. Create Backlinks & Internal Links

Now let’s come to the backlink part, which is quite difficult for beginners. But I will make life easy for you as I have created some resources for creating backlinks as a beginner. See, backlinks are like votes. The more people are linking to your article from their websites, Google will understand that article as a valuable resource and gradually improve the ranking of that article for various search terms.

Does it means you can’t rank an article without backlink? Not exactly. There are articles which are ranking on top even without backlinks. But this takes different skillset and knowledge which as a beginner you may not have. As a beginner, you just focus on creating SEO friendly content, start creating backlinks using profile creation sites, forum submission, social bookmarking etc. Start connecting with bloggers for guest posting also, which may not be easy as a beginner.

Besides that, you can inter link your articles within your blog post with optimized anchor text. But for that also your blog need a lot of content. But this is what the task of a blogger and you have to learn & implement your knowledge gradually and things will improve with time. And your articles will also rank higher on Google search.

4. Add Keywords In Right Place

I know that keyword density is not a key criteria to rank an article in 2021. But still I follow this matrix up to an optimized limit. If you use any SEO Plugin like I use Rank Math SEO Plugin you will find a checklist for the same. Don’t make it more than 1, this is my personal choice from experience.

Now to optimize the article with the keyword, you have place the keywords on crucial places that matters a lot in ranking on top of Google Search. E.g. I always make sure to put the main search term in the first paragraph, in the header tags, within content naturally and last paragraphs. Then you should find out all related search terms and also place them on the content smartly so that it doesn’t look keyword stuffing.

You can say that there are articles ranking on top of Google even without using the direct search term. Yea, I am aware about that. See, a website with good authority can do things differently as Google trust that website & the author. But as a beginner, you are nobody in the eyes of Google. So you have to take the help of SEO or search engine optimization methods to rank your article.

5. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

This has already become the norm of modern day web designing and I thought not to include this point. But still I can see that many people are not following this simple criteria. I know that as a blogger, most of us are comfortable working on laptop or Desktop. But remember one thing, the users who are reading your content, mostly use mobile phones to read or consume content these days.

So, if you website is not well optimized for mobile phone you will loose that traffic. In fact Google will start bothering you from the beginning via various search console errors about your mobile version of the website. And this is a key criteria to rank your website. So, if Google found that your website is not following this basic criteria, they will not rank your website and you can forget about improving your blog ranking.

So, make this work simple always use a professional theme which has all these optimization done. I am using GeneratePress Premium theme without worrying about mobile optimization as the theme itself is working perfectly for any device.

6. Improve Your Website Speed

Website speed is another crucial criteria to improve your websites reputation in the eye of Google as well as users. If your website pages doesn’t load fast, users will immediately click the back button and they will look for another website. This is a very bad signal for Google as Google will think that user doesn’t find that page useful and Google will start avoiding your article.

Not on that, after the launch of Google core web vitals now Google is also tracking 3 core criteria of every website which is actually telling how fast your website is loading on users device. There are some detailed criteria that you can read here. But the overall intension is to provide the best user experience and if your website can’t satisfy that Google will start ignoring your website and you will start loosing your rankings or may not able to rank your pages even if you try hard.

7. Create A Simple & Navigation Friendly Site

From my experience one thing I have noticed that your website structure is also responsible for your overall ranking. If you follow all the popular blogs in any industry you will find that their websites are designed such a way that you can easily explore various categories, different content and pages. That means a well navigation structure, which is very good for users to explore the entire website.

Besides that, the more simpler & clutter free design you use, user will find your page more readable and they will spend more time & enjoy reading. So make sure to keep the basic website structure, create easy to navigate links and make sure to link all your important page on homepage so that once a reader reached to your homepage they can easily find out what to check next without putting much scrolling.

8. CTR Or Click Through Rate Is Important

This is a very crucial matrix and little complicated for beginners. But the more you spend time to read & understand this matrix you will be able to rank your articles fast. CTR or Click Through Rate means how frequently users are clicking on your article in Google search when your article comes in their search result.

Mostly we click on the 1st or 2nd articles when you search something. But sometimes we also directly click on the 3rd or say 5th entry. Because they look different compared to others of you can say that that entry may catch in your eyes.

In that case, Google will think that the 5th entry is better compared to top 4 and gradually your CTR will improve and rank will also go up. Similarly, for a 1st position article if people click and come back immediately Google will think that it is not useful and it’s ranking will go down. This way CTR works in real-time.

That’s It : Let’s Go To Next Chapter

free blogging course - how to rank higher on google search
free blogging course – how to rank higher on google search

So, I am sure you have learnt about everything you need as a beginner to rank your articles on top of Google search. As I have mentioned earlier also, ranking is not a few days task. Depending on your blog niche, it may take months or years to crack the #1 spot on Google search. You have to read more and implement various techniques to make your content high-quality and gradually work on other parameters. Let’s move to our next chapter and explore the key skills you need to become a better bogger in 2022.

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free blogging course - how to rank higher on google search

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