How To Setup A Blog In WordPress (Step By Step Guide)

This is the 6th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining the complete blog setup tutorial to create a money making blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained which is best among Blogger Vs WordPress.

Creating a blog is very easy in 2021 as there are various blogging platforms available with awesome interfaces. But as I have mentioned earlier, it is good to start with a free blogger platform if you are not serious. But when you are comfortable with blogging platforms and want to make blogging as an income source then it is always better to setup a blog on WordPress. In this tutorial, I will help you to setup a blog on self-hosted WordPress platform.

And that is the reason, I always recommend starting a blog on If you still
have a doubt about the best blogging platform, then let me share the popularity chart of

I wasted my first 4 years of blogging on the FREE platforms and learned the lesson after moving to WordPress in 2012.The seriousness or commitment will come if you invest your hard-earned money.

In 2012, I purchased a good hosting plan, installed a premium theme and a few other necessary plugins to start blogging seriously. People will consider your work seriously, only when you are serious about it.

How much do you need to start a blog on WordPress?

Now the question is how much do you need to setup a blog on WordPress? You need a few things to set up a blog that looks professional, attracts the readers and also grows as a brand. In this section, I will guide you to pick the right domain name, get a good hosting and also all the necessary steps to setup your WordPress blog.

Just consider it like our society, people give importance to them who have better
dressing sense, carry them well, and look glamorous. And you cannot ignore this truth in case of blogging too.

Where Should I Invest Money?

Investing money is not enough, you have to invest it in the right place. To create a successful blog on WordPress, you have to spend money on the right products like a domain name, web hosting, theme & plugins. Let me help you to pick the right tools to set up your blog.

Pick Up A Domain Name

A Domain name is your website address. E.g. my blog is and people know that if they want to read my content where they will visit. In the same context, you have to pick a good website address so that people can easily identify your blog or business online.

A Domain name will cost you around $10-$15/year. However, you can get a domain name for free of cost also, if you purchase a hosting plan from Hostinger. I will talk more about that in the next section where we will talk about web hosting plan.

Buy A Good & Affordable Hosting Plan

Picking the right hosting is a very crucial decision for your blogging career. If you choose the wrong provider, then you will face multiple problems in the future and later you need to
transfer your website to a new hosting. And that will be a huge loss of money and effort.

Shared hosting plans are great for beginners as they are cost-effective, comes with many easy to understand features and have a user-friendly interface. I recommend Hostinger as the best web hosting for beginners as you can enjoy some amazing features at an affordable price.

  • 99% server uptime
  • Free Domain for 1st year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High Speed & Secure SSD Servers
  • User-friendly Interface to manage Hosting
  • Installing & Setting Up WordPress is very easy

I will share the detailed process of buying hosting from Hostinger with the maximum discount in the below segment. So far I just want to share that you need around Rs 3000 maximum for a year to buy hosting + Free Domain name from Hostinger.

Get A Professional WordPress Theme

The best part of WordPress is that you can easily find various designs for your blog. Either you can use a free domain, or you can purchase theme like my website and have a great design. Besides the look, a theme is also responsible for your website’s SEO structure. E.g. I am using GP Premium or GeneratePress premium theme which is very much light weight, fast loading, SEO-Friendly, elegant looking and on top of that cost effective. I pay around $59/year to enjoy this amazing theme.

  • Very secure & stable
  • Fast loading website
  • Validated HTML, built-in
  • Highly SEO optimized
  • Many ready to use templates
  • Use on unlimited websites
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • 40% renewal discount
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Install Various Plugins

Lastly, you need to install some essential WordPress plugins to make sure your website has all necessary features & functions. I love WordPress over blogger as you can get any kind of function in just few clicks as there are various plugins available. I will mention the necessary plugins to install in a blog in the blog setup part of this tutorial.

How To Setup A Blog on WordPress – Complete Step By Step Guide

So, the very first step is to get a domain and then only we can proceed further with WordPress installation on that domain. Let’s start with buying a web hosting plan with domain name using Hostinger.

Steps To Buy Hosting From Hostinger With Free Domain Name

First of all, you have to click this link to activate the special Hostinger Promotional price. Hostinger offers great discount on web hosting plans. And on top of that we made a deal with them for all my readers and got a special Hostinger Coupon Code: BLOGGINGGYAAN, with which you can save even more. Let me tell you how you can get that discount on Hostinger.

hostinger tutorial

After landing on that home page, you have to click on the HOSTING option. You will find many types of hosting plans, but better to choose the Shared Hosting plan. Both Shared Hosting & WordPress hosting is similar only. But WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and little bit expensive as well. That’s why we will go with Shared Hosting Plan only and remaining optimization part I will help you to do.

which hostinger plan is best

Next we have to decide which Hostinger plan is best for beginners. Well, you might think that let’s start with the cheapest plan and save a lot of money. But I would not recommend that. As you should get some value for your money as well. The very first Hostinger plan has very limited resources, specially you can only host 1 website and you will not get a Free Domain. So I would recommend you to pick the 2nd plan, Premium Web Hosting Plan.

Now you need to decide for how many years you want to buy hosting for Hostinger. As per the screen, you can see that if you buy for 4 years then you can save huge money.

how to buy hosting from hostinger

But as a Beginner, let’s consider Hostinger for 12 months or 1 year only. But I always recommend, in fact personally also I prefer to buy hosting for at least 2-3 years as I know that the initial discount is available for that time only. As soon as you are done with that period, you have to renew your hosting on actual price.

Anyway, after you decided on for how many years you are buying hosting next you have to apply our special Hostinger Promo Code: BLOGGINGGYAAN. You can see in the screen that you are getting an extra discount on top of regular Hostinger offers and that where I always help my readers to save money on hosting.

hostinger Special Promo Price

Choose the payment options as per your preference and then complete the payment. Hostinger offers various types of hosting plans which is a great flexibility.

As soon as you are done with the payment & created your Hostinger account, you need to claim your free domain with Hostinger. You will get a screen like below from where you need to choose claim your free domain. That’s it.

claim your free domain with hostinger

Steps To Install WordPress On Hostinger Free Domain Name

With Hostinger HPANEL, this is very easy to do task. You don’t have to be a technically sound person. Just follow the screens and you can easily do the same. Let’s login to yoru Hostinger account with the email id you used to buy Hosting from Hostinger in previous segment. Then click Manage next to the domain:

install wordpress on hostinger

Go to the Website section and choose Auto Installer. This is the life saving application which will install WordPress on your Hostinger Domain Name.

install wordpress on hostinger 2

Select the WordPress option from the menu:

install wordpress on hostinger 3

In the next screen you have to provide various information. Fill all the required details carefully.

  • Domain: choose the connection type as https:// and the domain or subdomain under which your WordPress will be installed. You can choose a subfolder for installation too. But don’t write anything where you can see “WordPress” is written. It should kept empty for now.
  • Overwrite Existing Files check will delete all the files in the installation directory.
  • Provide a good user name and a strong password and keep the remaining details as it was.
install wordpress on hostinger 4

Next, press the Install button and give some time until your installation is finished. Once the installation is done, your website will appear in the list like below.

Manage Your WordPress Dashboard / Admin Area

So, we are done with the WordPress installation. Now we have to login to our website start finishing remaining settings to complete the WordPress setup. So, let’s follow the step by step guide.

Change The Permalink: The very first step is to change the permalink structure. The default WordPress permalink is – This permalink is short, but not friendly for search engines. Go to Settings > Permalink and select “Post name”. Click “Save”.

Remove Dummy Content: After installing WordPress you will see a dummy post (Hello World), a dummy page (Sample Page) as well as a dummy comment. It is highly recommended that you should delete this dummy content. You can easily delete this from your WordPress Dashboard. You can see below images:

remove dummy content 1
remove dummy content 2

Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone: In order to change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone we need to go to Settings >> General from your WordPress Dashboard. We have to change the Site Title and Tagline because it will appear on Google Search results.

change default title description

Install a Theme: It’s time to install a nice looking theme for the blog. WordPress provides many free and nice looking themes which you can use on your blog. In order to install new theme you need to go to Appearance >> Themes

install wordpress theme

Installing required plugins: WordPress is amazing as you will find many plugins to get the features immediately. Here are few list of plugins that you must install to complete the WordPress blog setup.

  • Rank Math (Best SEO Plugin)
  • WP Super Cache (Best Free Cache Plugin)
  • UpDraft Plus (Plugin for taking your website Backup & Restore)
  • Site Kit by Google (Automatically Add Analytics, Search Console etc)
  • Titan Anti-spam & Security (For Spam Protection)

That’s It : Let’s Go To Next Chapter

I know it’s quite a very long tutorial. But this is a very crucial one as you have created your blog now and now it’s time to find topics, write content, rank them and grow your blog. But remember that this is the base of your journey. If you don’t invest in your blog design or setup, you will not be able to get anything in future. So, make sure to understand the various parts of this tutorial and accordingly setup your blog on WordPress. Now, let’s find out some cool topics to start writing articles on our blog.

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