How To Write a Good Blog Post For SEO (Step By Step Guide)

This is the 8th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how to write SEO-friendly blog post so that you can make money from your blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained how to find new blog topics regularly.

As soon as you are done with the blog topic selection, the next thing is to write the content. Now, writing content is not that easy as you need to learn a lot of things. Content writing is an art. When you write a content on your blog, you need to make sure that you are writing for the reader as well as the search engine, like Google.

So, that’s where experience comes into picture. And for that you have to keep writing on regular basis, read a lot of content on your niche on similar blogs so that you can understand what others writing, what readers want and then gradually from that you can create your own style.

Till then and even after that also, you need to make sure that you follow this content writing checklist and then prepare your content to get the max out of your content. Because only a well SEO-Optimized, highly engaging content will rank higher in Google search.

How to write Your First SEO-friendly blog Post [Tips & Tricks]

Rather than tips and tricks, I would say consider this article as your content writing checklist and I will be narrating the exact method I follow to write any article. If you follow these steps seriously, you can write as long as you want without worrying much.

Read Few Articles On Similar Topic

This is the first thing you should do, as I also follow the same rule. In case you are writing something unique from your experiences, then you can skip this part. Other than that, in most cases we generally write article related to products, list types, how to guide, reviews etc to make money online.

In that case, always better to read similar articles to get the complete knowledge about that topic so that you can write even a better content.

Prepare The Content Structure

Next is the content structure. If you read a lot of your competitor’s blog posts you will gradually understand that everyone is writing as per certain structure. E.g. if you consider this article also, you will find that I have narrate this one & even all my article in a certain manner so that a reader can easily understand the flow of the content and gradually get engaged.

This is the crucial part of content writing as with a very good & detailed structure you can save a lot of time while writing. As soon as your structure is done, you just need to fill up every segments and your content will be ready.

Create The Title & Meta details

After the structure, make sure to work hard to prepare the TITLE of the blog post. As I have mentioned, you might be writing the topic which has plenty of articles already available on Google. In that case, you have to prepare that article in your style with a little difference and that should be visible with your TITLE. Also write a short description about the blog post to put as meta description.

Your blog post title or heading will also decide the CTR (Click Through Rate), means if these 2 are attractive when some searches that topic and your article get clicks, Google will consider your article more valuable and improve the ranking. Even if your article ranks high and people don’t click on that, your article will lose ranking gradually. So CTR is very important and you must work hard to make your blog Title & Description attractive.

Decide On The Headings (H2, H3, H4 etc)

Here I am talking about the in-content header Tags. If you are using any good WordPress theme, the by default your blog post title will have the H1 tag on that. And every blog post should have only 1 H1 tag. After that, as per the content structure you have to provide H2, H3 & H4 tags.

I mostly provide H2 tags to major headings and H3 under the sub-headings of H2 tags. You can easily find out the content structure I am following. This structuring will also help you to earn Google featured snippets in case optimized well.

External Link & Internal link Smartly

When we talk about SEO, linking articles plays a very important role. Make sure to link your websites articles from the article with keyword anchor texts. This way you actually create backlinks for your own articles. But make sure to link relevant articles with searchable anchor texts so that Google can also understand the target article better and then your target article will also get ranking boost.

Besides internal linking, you also link to some other websites which has highly relevant article that will enhance your topic. External linking also help to improve your content SEO checklist and if you use Rank Math SEO Plugin you will find that this is a SEO checklist. So make sure to link authority websites and their relevant articles with dofollow link. It is a good SEO practice.

Keep The Paragraphs Short

This is another very basic, but effective tips to write a good quality blog post. I always prefer to write in simple language, easy to understand words in short paragraphs so that reader can find it easy to read.

Many people also prefer to write 1 line in 1 paragraphs. But I generally prefer to write 2-3 lines in a paragraph, which is fine I believe. The intention is to improve the readability. Otherwise it may irritate the reader or discourage the reader to read the article.

Place the keywords on right places

Keyword placement plays a very important role to get your article rank on top of Google search. You may think in 2021 keyword placement doesn’t work as many people can rank without placing direct keywords. Well, that might be true for high authority website or any authority person. But when we talk about making money from a blog, we need to target keywords to optimize the post. As a beginner, you have to follow the SEO tactics to target low competition keywords so that you can rank those keywords.

Make sure to place different versions of the keyword in first paragraph, header tags, last paragraph and within the content. I always use SEO Plugin and try to optimize the article for the keyword. You should also use any of Rank Math / Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize the article around the main keyword.

Add Images Or Videos

To increase the engagement, you must add images & videos related to the topic. Make sure to use free images from Google or images created by yourself only. In case you use any image from other sources, make sure to provide necessary credits.

If you find any useful related videos from YouTube, you can embed the same as well. Now a days Google also has a video search section where you will find articles with video embed. So you can utilize that feature also to get better ranking.

That’s It : let’s Go To Next Chapter

So, I am sure you have learnt a lot to start writing your first blog post. See, there is no such formula that will help you to write articles. If you want to spend money for AI powered content writing tools Or want to hire a content writer, then also you have to edit the article, do all SEO optimization before hitting the publish button. Next we will discuss how to get traffic to your newly created blog. So let’s move now.

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