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Thanks to all who gave me the opportunity to get featured on their awesome websites & share my blogging journey. My blogging Journey has been mentioned in many blogs & popular websites. Initially I started the journey with my blog BLOGGGINGJOY.COM, but I am re-branding my blog as BloggingGyaan.com. Please follow this blog for all updated content.

Blogging is all about connecting with different people and make good friends. That is what helped me to build a good relationship with many top bloggers. Here are a few of my contributions and mentions in different blogs. Hope you will find my work and experience useful.

If you want to connect with me for featuring my interview on my inputs on your next round-up post, feel free to contact me. I would love to be a part of your awesome work.

Featured On Top Indian Blogs

  1. Kulwant Nagi’s List of 17 Popular Blogs in India to Learn Blogging in 2019
  2. Sathish Arumugam List of 30 Top Indian Bloggers List – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2019
  4. Facileway.com:- 20+ Top Bloggers, You Should Follow In 2019
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  10. Bloggingnavigation.com: Top Popular Blogger in India – You Should Follow in 2021

My Interviews On Different Blogs

  1. Bloggingbeats: Interview with Santanu Debnath from BloggingJoy – A Successful Part-time Blogger and Full-time Software Professional
  2. Educlasses: Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme, you have to give enough time to understand, learn, and grow. – Santanu Debnath
  3. Bloggingtry: Interview With Santanu Debnath- Man Behind BloggingJoy.Com [S-11]
  4. Blogginggate: Interview With Santanu Debnath- A Software Engineer & a Pro Blogger [BGIS-3]
  5. Questioncage: Interview With Santanu Debnath – Money Making Blogging Tips
  6. BloggingQNA: An Interview With Santanu Debnath – Founder Of BloggingJoy.Com
  7. Techadvicebro: Interview with Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJoy : Shared Useful Tips For New Bloggers
  8. Savvybloggingtips: Interview With Santanu Debnath: On Facebook Groups, SEO and Blogging
  9. Trafficcrow: Interview With Santanu Debnath From BloggingJoy
  10. Bloggeroundup: An Interview with Santanu Debnath – Founder of BloggingJoy.com
  11. Exactblogging: An Interview With Santanu Debnath ‒ Founder Of Bloggingjoy.com [EBIS-3]
  12. Bloggingindian: [BI – 08] An Interview with Santanu Debnath – Founder of BloggingJoy.com
  13. Masteryblogging.com: MBIS 03: An Interview with Santanu Debnath From Blogging Joy
  14. Pilumdigital: 10 Bad Blogging Habits To Do Away With – Santanu Debnath
  15. Ssdigitalblog.in: Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath – Founder Of BloggingJoy.Com
  16. Bloggingnova.com: Santanu Debnath interview from Blogging joy to build a better Blog
  17. Simplefactsonline.com: An Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath, Founder Of Bloggingjoy.com
  18. vashishthakapoor.com: Interview with Santanu Debnath, Founder – BloggingJoy
  19. allblogthings.com: Interview with Santanu Debnath of BloggingJoy
  20. Litblogging.com: Interview With Santanu Debnath : The Man Behind Bloggingjoy.Com
  21. Techyydude.com: How Affiliate Marketing Expert (Santanu Debnath) Earn More Than $2000/month. {The TechyyDude Show-1}
  22. Bloggingmetrics.com: Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJOY
  23. Linksblaster.com: Interview with Santanu Debnath founder of bloggingjoy (share the best experience)
  24. Soumyatechnology.com: An Amazing Interview with Santanu Debnath-Founder of bloggingjoy.com How to earn $ 1500 in 1 month

My Inputs On Different Roundup Posts

  1. Importance Of Building Strong Connection With Other Bloggers Of The Same Niche [Explained By 10 Experts] (bloggingfix.com)
  2. Bloggers talking about Linkedin Marketing Trends in 2020
  3. Experienced bloggers share their first blogging struggle and the SOLUTION to it!
  4. 101 Experts Share their Top Link Building Techniques
  5. 32 Experts Revealing Their Secret SEO Techniques
  6. Best strategies to rank higher in Google
  7. Ideas To Boost SERP Ranking
  8. Tips To Boost Digital Marketing Career
  9. 113 Bloggers’ Favorite Email Marketing Tools
  10. 91 Bloggers’ Top Referral Traffic Sources
  12. 5 Authors Reveal How To Write eBooks That Sell
  13. 4 Pro Bloggers Shares Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger
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  16. (Expert Bloggers Roundup) How To Handle Negativity & Criticism In Blogging
  17. Geniusblogging.com: Critical mistakes in Blogging & How to fix them? [ Expert Roundup ]
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