How To Add Rel = Sponsored Attribute To All Affiliate Links 2021

After the latest Google Link Spam update, we all are looking for this topic How To Add rel = sponsored Attribute To Affiliate Links 2021. And the reason is obvious, that we need be complaint with Google policies to avoid any kind of Google penalty in coming days.

Before stating the exact steps to add rel = sponsored Attribute to affiliate links in your blog let me first give you little background about this Google Link Spam update as well as how many types of link attributes are available. Because it is always necessary to understand the complete picture.

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What is Google Link Spam Update?

Google is aware the importance of backlinks to rank any web page. At the same time Google is also aware that how people are manipulating the backlinks to take advantages. And this one of the big mistakes while creating backings as a beginner. So, to make Google’s life easier they have come up with various link attributes which will clearly tell them about a the link from a page so that Google can decide whether to consider that link for ranking calculation or not.

Different types of link attributes you must know

  1. rel=”sponsored” – For paid or sponsored links. This would assumingly include affiliate links, although Google hasn’t explicitly said.
  2. rel=”ugc” – Links within all user-generated content. Google has stated if UGC is created by a trusted contributor, this may not be necessary.
  3. rel=”nofollow” – A catchall for all nofollow links. As with the other nofollow directives, these links generally won’t be used for ranking, crawling, or indexing purposes.

So, what’s new in this?

Well, even though the rel = sponsored attribute here for some time, Google is not happy to see the usage of this attribute. And that’s why Google has come up with even a strict Link Spam Update so that they can start tracking affiliate links, guest post links etc.

So, what Google is expecting in Link Spam Update?

  • Affiliate Links: So for all affiliate marketers now Google want us to make the links tagged with rel = sponsored. Although you might have done them rel = nofollow already but this is not enough after this Google Link Spam update. But how can we do so many links rel = sponsored at 1 click that is what I am going to show you in this article.
  • Guest Post: For guest post also Google want us to make the links as rel = sponsored. Although the purpose of the guest post is to get a quality Dofollow backlink, but if we do what Google is asking then we may loose this benefit as well.
  • Sponsored Post: Google is expecting the same from sponsored mentions as well, as this is the most frequently doing practice by many webmasters to make money from their blogs. In case the sponsored mention is done for the brandable mention only I am sure adding rel = sponsored will not be an issue. But if someone is paying for getting a dollow mention then this is going to be difficult for Digital marketers and this is exactly what Google is looking for with this Link Spam Update.

Steps To Add rel = sponsored Attribute To Affiliate Links 2021

Now in WordPress many of us are using link cloaking plugins to add affiliate links. This is very easy to manage and edit many links at one go. Besides that you can also do that edit the link attributes in html mode add rel = sponsored attribute. Let’s explore all the steps one by one.

Add rel=”sponsored” attribute Using Gutenberg Editor

This is the simplest one. When you write any content on Gutenberg Editor just add a link to any text and then click on the link. You will get a screen like below where you can choose the rel = sponsored attribute.

rel sponsored attribute

Now this option will only come if you use the Rank Math SEO Plugin. This is one of the best plugin and even better than Yoast SEO Plugin. Just install this plugin and you will find many more amazing features with this.

How to Automatically add sponsored attribute For All Affiliate Links Using ThirstyAffiliates

So, if you are using Thirsty Affiliate plugin then you can go to your Thirsty Affiliate plugins settings and as per the screen below. Choose the link appearance option and then scroll below.

thristy affiliate settings

You will find one option “Additional rel attribute tags” and there you have to write sponsored as per below screenshot. That’s it. After that whenever you will add an affiliate link using the WordPress link editor you will see that this attribute has been added automatically.

thirsty affiliate rel sponsored attribute

How to add sponsored attribute with Pretty Links Plugins

If you are using Pretty Links to create affiliate links, then this is even easier for you. They offer a dedicated option to enable sponsored rel attribute. Just go to the settings area and enable the option like below.

add rel sponsored using pretty links plugin

That’s it

So, I am sure you can easily Add Rel = Sponsored Attribute To All your Affiliate Links in 2021 following this tutorial. If you face any problem doing this you can write a comment below. Thanks for reading & sharing this article.

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