Why MPNRC Case Study Is A Bad Example For New Bloggers [My Opinion]

MPNRC is the latest trending topic in the Indian Blogging community. If you have not yet heard about the term “MPNRC” then you must check out YouTube and you will find many YouTubers have created several videos around that topic.

In this article, I will share my personal opinion about this website and also explain why this is a very BAD example of a blog making money online for New Bloggers.

Disclaimer: The intention behind writing this article is to aware new Bloggers, as these days people only follow trending topics and try to imitate the same. The person behind MPNRC.org website is highly talented and has many years of experience in the Blogging & SEO field and I truly respect his/her hard work. And I believe there are many similar other websites around us which we are aware of also. But especially this website has created a buzz because of few reasons and many people started thinking to create a website like MPNRC and that’s where I believe people started making mistakes.

So, the intention behind writing this article is to stop following the trend blindly and focus on your own blogging skills and techniques. Of course, every case study has many things to learn, but we should not consider the same as a shortcut route to make money online. Let me explain everything in this article.

What Is MPNRC.org Website?

The full form of MPNRC is Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council. Actually, this term is used for a Government website. The actual/official website address is mpnrc.mponline.gov.in.

But if you search for MPNRC in Google, then you will find a website like below. Are you feeling shocked?

mpnrc case study

Welcome to the world of EXPIRED Domains. I am not going to tell you what an expired domain is. Hope you already know or can read this article to understand.

Now let me come to the actual story. Previously the GOVT website was hosted on that domain MPNRC.org. But recently they moved to a GOVT TLD domain like mpnrc.mponline.gov.in. And that means the previous domain got EXPIRED. This means the GOVT officials have not renewed the domain further.

And this was an awesome opportunity for bloggers like us. So, let’s say Mr. Blogger X has purchased the domain, and then he/she has set up a WordPress website on that. And after that, the person or that team has started putting a lot of content on that domain on trending topics and gradually they started ranking on Top Of Google Search.

Why People Are So Obsessed with MPNRC?

So, you might be thinking what’s wrong with that or what’s so special in that domain? Initially, I also thought like that as the concept of the EXPIRED domain is not new nowadays.

But the problem started when many bloggers started noticing that MPNRC is ranking on almost every possible keyword or trending topic and started fetching millions of traffic in just a few months. This website is getting traffic for IPL Keywords, Entertainment Keywords, JOB Search Keywords, and many more.

Note: I am not sharing any screenshots here. You can check the website in Google search, in case you want to do that.

I know many websites are also fetching similar or even more traffic and making even more money. But people are not bothered about those websites. Rather, everyone started analyzing why MPNRC is getting so much traffic or how MPNRC.org is making so much money just buying an Expired Domain.

Then the next thought that comes to our mind is if that person can do the same why can’t we. Just have to find a similar GOVT Expired domain and put content with the help of a content writer and start earning money in just a few months. In fact, you will find many videos explaining that process also.

But do you think you will be able to make another MPNRC and create a passive income source in just a few months? If you are in the blogging industry for a while then you can of course give it a try. But as a beginner, if you are following those MPNRC videos, MPNRC Case Studies, and try to replicate them then you will kill your blogging journey. The perception is wrong according to me.

Why As A New Blogger You Must Avoid This MPNRC Case Study.

And that’s where I feel MPNRC Case Study is not good for new Bloggers. So, let me share few points where I believe people will create some misconceptions and may ruin their blogging career.

  • The very first point is about buying an expired domain. I already wrote an article on buying a blog with decent age & traffic, so that you can skip the initial struggle. But as a beginner, I don’t recommend anyone to buy an Expired Domain. See, Expired Domain has great value if you really understand various Domain Matrices and that need a lot of experience. People buy many domains year after year and make mistakes and then end up buying such great value domains. So, as a beginner you may end up losing your money or start with a wrong Expired Domain and then all your efforts will go in vain. This will also change your perception towards blogging.
  • Every opportunity is a business, right? So, I am sure there are many experts who will start finding such Expired Domains like the MPNRC website or GOVT Expired Domains. That means you can buy from them and start working on them? Again, think 100 times. If you are purchasing such a domain from someone by paying a good amount of money, do you have that expertise to verify the Domain? As there is demand, definitely people will sell. So, think again before you make this move. Also, if that person who is selling that domain can also use the same and create similar websites, right? So check whether that person is actually an expert and have similar experience before buying an Expired Domain.
  • Now let’s say you got a similar domain with good authority. What will you do with that domain if you don’t know how to write content, how to do SEO to rank articles? Even if you hire a content writer, you need very good on-page SEO skills to rank such articles on Google. Before that you need to learn to find such topics / keywords people are searching frequently. That means, you can’t have all these skills in the beginning and you can’t even gain these experiences in just a few months.
  • Next, just check the content of that website. You will easily find that those content are not that high quality. You can easily hire a content writer and produce such content. But then how come they are ranking? It’s because of the authority of that domain which I have explained in the later part of this article & off course the SEO expertise of that person or team. So, again this is not a good message for new bloggers as content writing is a crucial part of blogging and if you start with creating this kind of content in your blog then you will never be able to rank them and never learn the power of actual content writing. And you will think that blogging is not at all worthwhile.
  • No one knows how many people are working behind that website. This is like another news website only. As a beginner, you will find it very difficult to write even 1-2 articles in a week. In such a case, maintaining such a multi niche website needs a lot of effort. You need a team of few members to manage the website, publish regular content, update the old content etc. Do you have any idea how much money this website is spending after web hosting charges & content or website management? Such high traffic websites need very costly hosting as they may crash due to huge traffic. As a beginner, you should focus on growing your blogging skills and buy affordable web hosting.

So, what I want to say here is that a structured and well-organized team of experienced Bloggers & SEO professionals are working for this website. And that’s the reason they are able to gain such high results and make a good amount of money.

Remember one thing, you can’t get a huge return just by hook or crook. I always believe that there has to be a significant investment in terms of money & skills to make a business successful. And that’s not the end, I am sure that a team is continuously investing their income from that blog further to make a better growth plan in the coming days.

Conclusion: Let’s Learn Something From The MPNRC Case Study

mpnrc case study example

So, one thing we can do from this trending topic of MPNRC is that we can learn how exactly this website is beating popular websites in Google so easily. Let me put my points and I believe you will also agree with me.

  • As this was a GOVT website, that domain got many natural backlinks from news websites and high authority websites. As Google always trusts news websites, this domain got that edge. And their team has acquired that domain and converted that into a news website only with all trending topics. So, there is no reason for Google not to trust that domain. In fact Google started loving to get so many new searchable topics updated regularly. So, make sure you also keep writing on fresh topics related to your niche and keep updating your website regularly.
  • If you read a few articles on the MPNRC website, you will easily find that they placed the main keywords of that topic smartly and the on-page SEO score is also very good. That means, Google still loves clean content with good ON-Page SEO around the main keyword.
  • Another thing I have noticed is that the website structure is very clean. The website is also loading very fast, that means they are using a very good quality hosting plan and also pages are well optimized. This also improve the readability and user will spend a good amount of time on their website. Combining all of these factors, Google found that the website is very much popular among the readers. That means, you should also ensure that your website loads fast and make it clean for the readers.
  • And besides all these points, because of YouTube videos & the MPNRC HYPE many bloggers started searching that term and also analyzing their website, which is also in return giving a very positive signal to Google that people are actually spending time on that website. That means, Google found that people are searching the term MPNRC and then visiting that website. This gives a very good brand related search query which actually helped that website to rank higher. E.g. my blog is BloggingGyaan and if you search with BloggingGyaan or BloggingGyaan by Santanu Debnath then Google will get good signals for those terms and it will help to gain more authority in future.

So, that’s it from my side in this article. I hope you like this article and got the message I tried to provide through this article. I don’t want to discourage anyone here, rather I want you to learn the right things from such case studies and then work as per the process. Blogging takes time and a lot of experience. And that’s the reason behind the success of the MPNRC website. So take the positives, but don’t try to imitate.

You have to gain your own experience and then only things will work for you. Feel free to write your thoughts and feedback about this MPNRC website by writing a comment below.

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