7 Best Passive Income Ideas For Students In India 2021 (Work From Home)

Passive income is a very popular term these days, specially when most people are working from home and looking to generate extra income besides their regular work. If you are searching for some good passive income ideas then I am here to suggest you few ways that can really help you to make extra money in 2021.

Due to pandemic when entire world has redefined the definition of work, many people started realizing that they can start working on something which can help them to generate some extra income.

In fact, people lost their jobs in this Covid-19 time are also looking for alternative income ways as many sectors are struggling to produce jobs. E.g. travel, sports, hospitality etc. Although things are improving, but we can’t ignore the damage done and it will take time to get things back to normal or pre-covid.

In that situation, what are the options available with which one can actually earn money and start a new beginning in 2021. That’s what I am going to share in this article and help you to explore some cool passive income ideas to make extra money online.

What is Passive Income?

When I mention about Passive Income, one obvious question should come to your mind: What is Active income? Yes, you have to understand the meaning of active income first and then only you can understand the meaning of Passive Income.

With Active income we can consider the regular ways that a person can make money. It can be a job, business, freelancing or any other work. Now this kind of activity we generally do to earn money and live our life.

But what if you have some time after completing everyday job or work, and you have some passion or interest which has also potential to earn money? And that’s what is called passive income.

This way you will be able to create an extra income source besides your full-time job and then easily create a financial backup. These days the importance of passive income is very high and if you really have some passion then think and take actions.

It’s necessary to create your own income stream so that you can help yourself in future, if you lose your job or any problem comes to your business.

7 Passive Income Online Ideas For Students In India 2021

If you are looking to find an alternative of your job or want to do something your own, then I am sure these 7 passive income ideas will help you to start a new beginning in 2021.

Let’s explore the ideas one by one.

1. Online Coaching / Tutoring

Education segment was always in demand and due to the pandemic the demand for online education has increased like anything. When kids stopped going to school, colleges are not able to open then just imagine how much demand it has created for online education.

You can also get an idea from the kind of startups like ByJu’s, WhiteHatJunior, Unacademy etc, who are doing tremendous marketing to attract new business. And they are getting very good responses as well.

So, in such a hot market if you have a niche skill or if you are an expert in any topic, you can start providing online coaching using zoom or any other webinar software. It’s quite easy as there are various platforms where you can join as a teacher and find students.

If you are in a society, then you can promote your tuition classes online and easily collect students. Starting may take some time, but if you can manage daily 2-3 hours after your work then this is one of the best passive income ideas that can really help you to earn extra money for long run. If things goes well, you can consider teaching as full-time profession also as this is an ever green business idea.

2. Blogging

I am working as a software engineer and from last many years found my interest in content writing. That further helped me to explore the world of blogging. And now I am make a good amount of money besides my full-time job from my blogs.

I am into blogging field from last 11+ years and I can help you to set up a blog easily on WordPress and also teach you how to generate income from your blog. I have create a 7-Day Free Blogging course as well where I have explained every single steps in detail so that you can easily understand the nitty-gritty of blogging.

If you have passion for writing, if you want to share your experience of your everyday learning, then blogging is one of the best passive income ideas. And right now many people are pursuing blogging besides their full-time job or business and easily make a good amount of money from blogging.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another amazing term that got very popular these days. Now a days people started understanding the meaning of affiliate marketing and with out any doubt this has a huge potential.

In the previous point, when I have mentioned about Blogging, I could have add this point also. But I have separated affiliate marketing because you don’t need a website or blog all the time.

Yes, if you have a blog you can do affiliate marketing from your blog and make money. E.g. I made $7500 with affiliate marketing in 2019 Black Friday Sale. You can read the complete case study here.

Now, even if you don’t have a website you can also do affiliate marketing through social platforms. E.g. just take any Instagram celebrity or popular instagrammer and check how exactly they are recommending products or promoting brands. If you have a YouTube channel, there also you can add affiliate product links in your video description and make good amount of money.

But the bottom line is , you need a true passion or interest do something. Then only you can gradually become an expert in any niche and then start recommending products. Otherwise, just dumping affiliate links in social platforms may generate some random sales which will never justify your true efforts.

4. Provide Web Design Related Services

The demand of a website is not limited among organizations or companies now a days. Yes, these days almost everyone need a website even for a personal purpose as well. E.g. if you have a lot of experience in photography or Digital Marketing or any area, you can create a portfolio website to showcase all your work.

In fact, this is a better alternative of a typical resume. This is just an example, besides that there are various reasons people are looking to create good quality websites. can you imagine, people are creating websites for their marriages, birthday celebration, any social function etc. You can imagine where people need a website and start pitching them with your services.

And that’s where the option to make money online. If you are good at creating websites then you can easily provide web designing service, content writing services, SEO services and many more related services from your home itself.

The modern day web design has changed. People are looking for better user experience, attractive design and stunning layouts. And with the help of premium tools like Elementor, Thrive Themes one can easily create very beautiful websites quickly. So, don’t wait much and start showcasing your web designing skills and grab this passive income idea now.

5. Sell Courses Online

I am sure I don’t have to tell much about how much demand of Courses has increased specially after this COVID-19 situation. As the world is facing a huge challenge with new technologies coming and making the old ones obsolete, individuals are also facing challenges as they need to upskill to survive in this industry.

So many new technologies are coming and making the popular ones outdated. In that situation you have only one option left, that is to learn more and get accommodated. Otherwise, you have to lose your job incoming days.

That’s why the demand of courses for new skills are very much high. If have learned such a skill or you are an expert, then you can create Online Courses and start selling them online. There are various platforms where you can create online courses like Thrive Apprentice, Thinkific, Teachable, LearnDash, LifterLMS etc.

These platforms will easily help you to create an online course with a very good & professionally looking interface in just few clicks. Don’t ignore this passive income idea as this can really make you rich if you have genuine knowledge in any skill. People are making good amount of money by selling courses online.

But please don’t just start selling cheap courses like noobs are doing already. People are ready to pay for valuable content and that’s where the demand is all about.

6. Sell Stock Photos Online

We have noticed many people carrying a DSLR camera in hand while travelling and clicking pictures. I know everyone is not a skilled photographer they way most people are portraying. But the trend is like that only. 🙂

But if you have genuine skills about photography and you are clicking some real good pictures, then why don’t you upload those photos’ online? Yes, do you know that there are platforms like SmugMug where you can create your own photography platform and sell your photos to the world.

The demand of high quality pictures are increasing day by day and if you really have in-depth knowledge in photography then you must consider this profession seriously. And whatever work you do, everyone loves to travel and click pictures. That means, this can be a perfect passive income idea for you.

7. Start A YouTube Channel

People are consuming a lot of their time watching videos. I am not talking about the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon. I am talking about videos that solves their everyday problems. Yes, whatever problem you face in daily life you will find a detailed how to guide video with solution.

So, that’s the opportunity you have to understand. If you have good skill in anything then why don’t you start recording them and upload them on YouTube?

E.g. if you are good at creating crafts, various home remedies, daily life home appliance fixes etc then you can create tutorial videos for them. I have a YouTube channel where I upload WordPress related tutorials so that people can find the exact solution to their problems while running a blog on WordPress.

Now, how can someone make money from a YouTube channel? There are various ways actually. You can earn money from YouTube by showing Google Ads (for that your channel need to get the approval), then mentioning products affiliate links in description and also by doing brand collaboration. You can check my YouTube channel videos and how exactly I have placed the affiliate links in the description section.

So, don’t worry about the earning potential. Rather focus on start creating videos so that can upload on YouTube channel and make it as a best passive income source gradually besides your regular work. But remember, this is not a magic, you need to put real efforts as the competition is very high.

That’s all: It’s your turn now

I know there are many passive income ideas that can be added in this list. But these are the few ones that I found amazing and wanted to share with you all. Do you have some more such interesting ideas so that one can easily make extra money besides their full-time job or business?

The definition of passive income is not leaving or quitting your primary income source. But if you can do well with your interest or passion, then definitely you can decide to quit your job and consider your passion as full-time in future. I am sure there are plenty of such examples and you are aware as well. As a part-time blogger, I know there are many Top Bloggers in India who left their jobs to pursue their passion.

So, feel free to comment below and share your favorite passive income ideas to generate extra money in 2021.

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