Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for Your Blog in 2021

Have you ever thought why WordPress is the best blogging platform in 2021? I am into blogging from last 10+ years and from that day till I am narrating the same statement that it is always better to start with WordPress.

Although I started my journey with Google Blogger platform, but form they I get to know about WordPress, I never looked back. Even though there are huge competition between various CMS platforms like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla etc undoubtedly WordPress is the most popular and widely used.

Just look at the chart below which is clearly telling Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for Your Blog in 2021.

why wordpress is the best cms platforms in 2021
why wordpress is the best cms platforms in 2021

7 Reasons Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform in 2021

We all know that one can make money from a blog. But to do that one must create a website easily and then that web pages should get ranked in Google smoothly. And in all angle WordPress is the only platform where a non-technical persona also come and create his/her own website in just few minutes.

So, here are the 7 solid reasons why WordPress is still the best blogging platforms for beginners in 2021.

1. Easy SEO Settings

The Search Engine Optimization is the major part for ranking your weblog over the Search Engines. The WordPress as trusted by millions of people have the SEO friendly platform that actually skyrockets people blog in no time. the several plugins are also available for optimizing the Blog and the Blog post very effectively. You can do various on-page & website level SEO settings easily on WordPress which is not that easy with other platforms.

2. Collection Of Responsive Themes

WordPress has a huge collection of Free WordPress themes in any category. Whatever is your website niche (health blogs, fashion blogs, tech blogs), you will find many themes available as free of cost. And many popular theme players also shared their free themes which is available in WordPress. One can easily switch among themes, upgrade from Free to paid themes without any hassle.

wordpress theme directory

3. Highly Customizable

This is another biggest advantage to adopt WordPress for your next website. With the evolution of web design technology, one can use blocks to create interactive pages and design awesome pages. And that’s where WordPress is smart enough. They have come with Gutenberg editor, block based drag & drop editor which is so fun to make a website. Whatever way you want you can customize your pages, create a custom home page like this website etc.

4. Best Support Forum

With the popularity of WordPress, many people are working on that platform at the same time. And this has created a huge opportunity to make an online community and that’s what actually happened. There are many websites or forums or communities where you will find any kind of solution of your problems. Besides that WordPress has their official forum as well where you just need to post your problem and some expert will definitely answer your question with a solution. This is a big relief for any beginner as you can get solution for your problems without paying anything.

5. Plugins and Builders

When you design a website you need many functions. And in WordPress environment, you have different plugins which will immediately solve your problem and get you that feature. Yes, that’s the biggest reason for me to adopt WordPress as you will find some plugin to get certain features in just few minutes. I believe this is the main reason Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for Your Blog in 2021. With the web design trend is getting change many plugin developers are coming with useful plugins to get those features in just few clicks.

wordpress plugin directory

6. Secure and Safety

The WordPress is a secure and safe platform for the blogging purpose. You’ll never get into any trouble by losing your Blog Data from the hacking process (It is possible but not too easy to do it). The several WP Security Plugins adds the extra value for security and safety of your Blog. Thus, WordPress looks best for blogging for a long term without any problem. These days WordPress is updating their platform frequently, fixing the bugs quickly and brining extra security & functions so that one can reduce plugin installations and make their website highly secure. This is another big reason behind Why WordPress is still the best blogging platform for your blog.

7. Make Money With WordPress

So, as WordPress is so much popular and a huge population is using their platform to create websites or blogs, it creates a great opportunity to make money online as well. As a web master you can definitely earn money by creating a blog using Affiliate Marketing (E.g. promoting WordPress products by writing product reviews, Black Friday Sale etc) or Google AdSense program. Besides you can also start offering various freelance services like website creation, plugin development, theme development / theme customization and many more.

If you are planning to start a blog on WordPress, then make sure to check out this list of Best WordPress Hosting Providers in India 2021.

That’s It

why WordPress is the best blogging platform for your blog in 2021
why WordPress is the best blogging platform for your blog in 2021

So, do you find these 7 reasons for why WordPress is still the best blogging platform for your blog in 2021 useful? Do you have any other reason to support this statement? Then feel free to write a comment below and share your thoughts as well. I just love this platform and making a website on this platform is just a fun. If you find this article worth reading then don’t forget to share in social media platforms. Thank you for reading.

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